Fibromyalgia sufferers given Hope as experts discover common diabetes drug ‘eradicates pain’

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Over 5 million people affects by fibromyalgia in the U.S also the numbers are keep on increasing. There are numerous uncomfortable signs of Fibromyalgia. It is recognized as an unseen illness as people cannot see the way where people hurt from the disease. Usually, Fibromyalgia is a quite severe situation that the victims experience and its signs should be identified

Fibromyalgia may be caused by Insulin Resistance, groundbreaking new research suggests. And, scientists say, the agonising condition could be treated using a common diabetes drug. – The SUN

Insulin resistance is a condition where cells in the body stop responding appropriately to insulin, a hormone that helps your body metabolize blood sugar. If your body is resistant to insulin, blood sugar can build up, which can cause you to pee a lot, feel very thirsty, have headaches, blurred vision, or fatigue, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

There are more than 200 symptoms of fibromyalgia which includes:

  • Migraine
  • IBS
  • Depression
  • Sweating
  • Alloydynia
  • Bladder control issues
  • Anxiety
  • Muscular pain

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Does insulin resistance cause fibromyalgia?


Researchers led by a team from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston were able to dramatically reduce the pain of fibromyalgia patients with medication that targeted insulin resistance.

This discovery could dramatically alter the way that chronic pain can be identified and managed. Dr. Miguel Pappolla, UTMB professor of neurology, said that although the discovery is very preliminary, it may lead to a revolutionary shift on how fibromyalgia and related forms of chronic pain are treated. The new approach has the potential to save billions of dollars to the health care system and decrease many peoples’ dependence on opiates for pain management.

The UTMB team of researchers, along with collaborators from across the U.S., including the National Institutes of Health, were able for the first time, to separate patients with fibromyalgia from normal individuals using a common blood test for insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes. They then treated the fibromyalgia patients with a medication targeting insulin resistance, which dramatically reduced their pain levels. The study was recently published in PlosOne.

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common conditions causing chronic pain and disability. The global economic impact of fibromyalgia is enormous – in the U.S. alone and related health care costs are about $100 billion each year. Despite extensive research the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, so there’s no specific diagnostics or therapies for this condition other than pain-reducing drugs.

“Earlier studies discovered that insulin resistance causes dysfunction within the brain’s small blood vessels. Since this issue is also present in fibromyalgia, we investigated whether insulin resistance is the missing link in this disorder,” Pappolla said. “We showed that most – if not all – patients with fibromyalgia can be identified by their A1c levels, which reflects average blood sugar levels over the past two to three months.”

Pre-diabetics with slightly elevated A1c values carry a higher risk of developing central (brain) pain, a hallmark of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders.”

The researchers identified patients who were referred to a subspecialty pain medicine clinic to be treated for widespread muscular/connective tissue pain. All patients who met the criteria for fibromyalgia were separated into smaller groups by age. When compared with age-matched controls, the A1c levels of the fibromyalgia patients were significantly higher.

“Considering the extensive research on fibromyalgia, we were puzzled that prior studies had overlooked this simple connection,” said Pappolla. “The main reason for this oversight is that about half of fibromyalgia patients have A1c values currently considered within the normal range. However, this is the first study to analyze these levels normalized for the person’s age, as optimal A1c levels do vary throughout life. Adjustment for the patients’ age was critical in highlighting the differences between patients and control subjects.”

For the fibromyalgia patients, metformin, a drug developed to combat insulin resistance was added to their current medications. They showed dramatic reductions in their pain levels.

Of course, we in the FM community get excited when we hear of another celebrity who has fibromyalgia not because we want to see anyone else suffer, but because we are confident that someone who is famous can help raise responsiveness for this frequently misunderstood sickness.

There are also some famous people in history who we strongly suspect may have had FM, like Mexican artist Frida Kahlo or English nurse, Florence Nightingale. But as no one actually knew about or diagnosed FM until more recent years, for the purposes of this list, we will stick to modern celebrities who have recognized having FM.

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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a celebrity that seems to be everywhere, whether he’s acting in movies, playing voices for animated roles, or narrating films. Freeman is also an honest advocate for fibromyalgia awareness. In an interview with Esquire magazine, Freeman discussed not being able to do certain activities anymore, such as sailing, due to his fibromyalgia. Yet he wanted readers to know that the condition isn’t all gloomy. He stated, “There is a point to changes like these. I have to move on to other things, to other conceptions of myself. I play golf. I still work. And just walking the land make me pretty happy.” With fibromyalgia life doesn’t stop, and Freeman requests others to know this. Read More detail article on him HERE

Jo Guest

(English actress and TV host) Ms. Guest began her career modeling and has appeared in several adult magazines. She was a guest on the British TV show This Morning in January 2008, where she discussed a mystery illness which left her not capable to work. Three months later, she returned to the show and reported that she had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a direct result of help from viewers who had seen her previous appearance.

Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo has made audiences laugh at her dry sense of humor and sarcasm. While Garofalo has covered a wide range of topics over the years, her health has taken center stage recently. She hasn’t been widely quoted in interviews or other more formal contexts. But she talks about her fibromyalgia as a part of her stand-up act. In 2009, she told her audience, “I had no idea I was chronically dissatisfied,” in reference to her new treatment involving antidepressants. It’s significant to keep an optimistic outlook when dealing with fibromyalgia. And as Garofalo demonstrates, it may also help to laugh it off once in a while.

Susan Flannery

(American actress) Ms. Flannery is best known as one of the original and current cast members on the popular TV soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2007 she made headlines when she asked the show for medical leave so she could try to treat her fibromyalgia.

Sinead O’Connor

Despite her talent and Grammy-winning record, in 2013 O’Connor abruptly declared she was quitting the music business. She attributed her departure to severe pain and fatigue due to fibromyalgia. At first, O’Connor was quoted as saying that her career in music was to blame. “It rendered me invisible. Murdered my soul, I’m never going back to music,” she announced.

Mary McDonough

(American actress) Most of us would recognize Ms. McDonough as Erin Walton from the long-running hit TV drama series The Waltons. She suffered with pain, fatigue and numerous other symptoms for 10 years before finally being diagnosed. In addition to fibromyalgia, Ms. McDonough has also been diagnosed with lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome.

A.J. Langer

(American actress) Ms. Langer might be best known for her character as Rayanne on the popular, albeit short-lived, 1994 TV drama series My So-Called Life. Although she wasn’t diagnosed until she was 21 but her FM symptoms began in childhood. On the cover of the very first issue of Fibromyalgia Aware Magazine in 2002 Langer was featured.

It is true that celebrities can access a bunch of different methods, equipment, and substances that are part of the most innovative options developed by medical technology. But they are only available for some selected groups, groups many celebrities are part of. 

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga gives her views about her struggle with Fibromyalgia Lady Gaga is renowned for her distinctive reach to singing, style and known for about everything else. So it is not that startling that the thirty years old artist has some unusual medications for chronic pain – with infrared saunas, frozen peas, emergency blankets and ice baths.


It is not easy to talk about chronic pain, but in case someone does, then it can be calming for numerous people who are actually suffering with it. Lady Gaga posted two of her images on Instagram showing her struggle against chronic pain. Institute for Chronic Pain referred, “chronic pain starts with an acute injury or illness.”

In case the pain lasts for around six months and sometimes it can last for years, then it is more likely considered chronic. According to the Institute, “Patients tend to report some combination of fear, irritability, anxiety and depression. Patients also tend to express that they have lost their sense of direction to life. They are stuck. These problems are all common when living with chronic pain,” Furthermore she said, “Having a frustrating day with chronic pain, but I find myself feeling so blessed to have such strong intelligent female doctors.

I think about Joanne too and her strength and the day gets a little easier,” In one of her posts she also wrote, “I was so overwhelmed by the empathy, confessions [and] personal stories of chronic pain in response to my previous post I thought what the hell. Maybe I should just share some of my personal remedies I’ve acquired over the past five years,”  

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