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Things you should have in your Chronic Survival Pack

A video was posted on Facebook fan page related to chronic survival pack, containing few items that everyone should keep in their pack in case of emergency, we asked people to add up items in the list. They came up with their ideas and needs.

Here is what community share it with us:

1. Instead of card of doctors or ER I have a competition book every doctor has its own page I staple the card to the lower right hand corner, upper right hand corner is who the doctor is for (i keep this book for my husband and daughter as well) i right at top of page the doctor info including fax if I have it. Also listed is directions, first appointment, what is treatment offered and next plan option. I also have listed in my medication my husband’s medication and so warm plus Farm medical issues that we have. Next book is smaller dollar Journal and I am keeping track of my odd periods and spotting in that on for my gynecologist. Those books I take everywhere! Forgot to mention my calendar book

2.  A bottle of coke syrup works 10 times better for nausea. In place of the snack a bottle of glucose tabs, dissolve faster and enter blood system quicker. I would add moisturizing lip balm and eye drops for lack of moisture and eye mask for resting when eyes are too light sensitive.

3. A good massage balm (like arnica or natural menthol) for painful muscles. Instead of plain water I would bring gatorade or pedialyte so that I can keep my electrolytes up as well as stay hydrated.

4. A note to let anyone who finds me know what my medic alert bracelet is for and emergency contact

5.  Pee Pee pads for the occasional spritz, tissues for dealing with the constant emotional roller coaster and of course some dark chocolate to soothe my soul!

6. Carmex for dry lips all the time.

7. Extra t-shirts under shirt , bra and Underwear

8. Heat pack, sunglasses, tissues and Vicadin.

9. Knee bandages 2 of, wrist bandages and sunglasses for eye pain

10.Tissues, sunglasses, sunblock, a big sarong scarf, a hat, eye drops, and a change of shoes.

11. Add to your list the following necessities: toilet paper (in case the stall you ran into is out of toilet paper), wipes, butt cream, room spray, adult diapers, a couple pairs of underwear, leggings or other comfy pants, trash bags (to dispose of the mess), socks, hand sanitizer, a bottle of acetaminophen.

12. In my work bag I have a survival large makeup sized bag in it, in there I have plasters, painkillers, wet wipes, deodorant, perfume, makeup, mouthwash, hand gel, bobbles, hair brush, phone/ ebook charger, keys with a disabled toilet key on, my “just can’t wait” card and a diary with my ICE information in. Didn’t take my survival bag into hospital with me when I got my gallbladder taken out on Wednesday because I was supposed to be in and out the same day but had to stay overnight and my phone died, lesson learnt on that one!

13.  I have a battery operated fan that i keep with me at all times. i get all hot and cant breathe all the time. it is a necessity for me. My oxygen and inhalers. Ice water,my walker, a dry mouth spray. Band aids because I end up bleeding easily on my arms.

14.  Wet wipes, emergency medicine , day medicines , dry shampoo, make up, eye drops, toothpaste, toothbrush, light weight long sleeve shirt, leggings, comb, brush, charger, tissues, gum, Gatorade, water, sunglasses, glasses, salt tabs,glucose tabs, pulse ox, saline, heparin, lotion, band aids, deodorant, hair ties, magazine, word search, nail clippers, heating pad, q tips, tampons, cottonseed wipes, mouthwash, hand sanitize  , notebook, colored pencils, crayons, and whatever else I can think of. My bad is usually kept in my car or by my bed because I end up in the hospital every 8 weeks like clockwork and I use everything in my bag.

15. Tiger balm patches, band aids, medications, heart burn/gas chews, fibromyalgia cream(that’s literally what it’s called), sun glasses, deodorant, sweatshirt, my cane, water bottle, thermos and tea bags and a book. I have EDS and it’s much easier to have everything in me. I use a pretty large backpack.


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If you want to add something to the list, tell us in the comments below. 

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  1. I cried reading each of these. I’m a Mother of 3, Grandma (Yaya) of 7, divorced after 35 yrs to same man and now planning my second marriage to a wonderful man of God.
    As I read these clips, I felt like I’m mourning a past life. With no energy nor strength, its most times impossible for me to have my grandkids overnight or days now. I never know what my days are going to be like.
    The kit clip I especially cried because its so very true. In my purse I would just carry wallet, lipsticket, face power and comb. Now I do pack like I’m my own restroom, trauma center and Pharmacy. Its so sad.
    The supporting spouse clip, well my 2nd marriage will be different. I have a man who is so understanding. He loves the Lord 1st, loves me to the ends of the earth, knows everypart of my being, my pains, mind foggyness, and we can laugh together about it. We are in it to win it – to win at what quality of life is before us especially me.
    The clip on responding to people who see fibromyalgia as a mental crutch instead of what it is – they will never understand and I no longer waste my time explaining. I love the t-shirt that says I’m FINE. That’s exactly right – I’m fine to be me, to have the love of those who understand and support me, such as my fiance and only son. My daughters – well I can explain, but not 100% sure they really support this delipating chronic disease.
    I have been currently tested for MS and have one more appointment. Doctors pass me along to the next specialist and I feel I’m falling in the cracks. y, emotionally, cannot work. I support myself through property management self business. This body is weak, my God is strong, when I fall, I have love that will pick me up, tho many misunderstand the support I have does and I can get through my 24 hrs daily – one step at a time.

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